Keep your game sharp all winter while having fun!

League availability is on a first come, first serve basisJoin one of our leagues or create your own!

Create your own league:

Gather 12-24 of your friends and create your own league. You determine the duration, format, rules and payouts, we’ll manage everything! Each player will receive a login to view their weekly standings. Cost is approximately $18 per player per week with weekly payouts not including a ONE TIME $20 league management fee per player.

Join one of our leagues:



  • Weekly 9-hole best ball matches played with two-player teams.
  • The format for this league is “2-Person Best Ball” with floating handicaps. Example: Player A and Player B are teammates. Player A is a 4 handicap for 9 holes and will receive 4 strokes on the hardest 4 holes. Player B is a 6 handicap and will receive a stroke on each of the 6 hardest holes. Each team member plays their own ball throughout the round. On each hole the low score – or “best ball” – of the two serves as the team score.
  • Points will be awarded if you win or tie your match and league standings will be emailed each week.
  • You’re required to provide your golf handicap which will change throughout the season based on your indoor golf performance.
  • There are no mulligans allowed. In the case of an error with the simulator please notify staff and we will make the necessary adjustment.
  • Simulator settings are chosen by CT Virtual Golf.


  • Each player is responsible for bringing an alternate player if they’re unable to make their weekly starting time. Alternate player must have an official GHIN Handicap or will be required to play without a handicap.
  • Makeup rounds are not permitted. If you’re not able to make your weekly tee time, your round will still be counted but you’ll be penalized 6 strokes.


  • The weekly fee is $18 for greens fees.
  • Each player will make a one-time payment of $25 that will be held until the end of the 
    season to provide payouts for league winners. CT Virtual Golf will not retain any of this one-time payment.
  • The two teams with the highest points at the end of 12 weeks will play for the championship. 2/3 of the total prize money will be awarded to the winner, 1/3 for second place.
  • Every 4 weeks, a $50 gift card will be awarded to the team with the most net birdies for those 4 weeks.