Video Game Room Party


“Game Rooms” are an CT Virtual Golf original creation. We offer you a unique spin on video gaming that you can’t get anywhere else. We have a 16ft large curved screen and high-definition projector coupled with an awesome sound system and the latest video games.

We give your guests an incredible and fun gaming experience all in the comfort of our. Kids and adults love video gaming and nothing is better than enjoying it on a big screen.

One “Game Room” can accommodate a party of 8-12 Kids or Adults or add additional Rooms for larger parties to ensure your guests all get to experience the fun.*

Game Room Party - $379

  • Huge 16 Foot Curved Screen
  • High Quality Digital Projector Sound System
  • 1 Professional Trained Attendant
  • Choice of Game System
  • Choice of 2 Games
  • 2 Game Benches
  • Up to 16 Guests
  • Up to 2 Hours Game Time